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A Bay of Blood (1971)

A Bay of Blood (1971)
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Title:A Bay of Blood
Original Title:Ecologia del delitto
Director : Mario Bava,
Writer :
Producer : Giuseppe Zaccariello,
Runtime:85 min.
Genre:Horror, Thriller

 Production Company:Nuova Linea Cinematografica


An elderly heiress is killed by her husband who wants control of her fortunes. What ensues is an all-out murder spree as relatives and friends attempt to reduce the inheritance playing field, complicated by some teenagers who decide to camp out in a dilapidated building on the estate.
Claudine Auger
Luigi Pistilli
Claudio Camaso
Anna Maria Rosati
Chris Avram
Leopoldo Trieste
Laura Betti
Brigitte Skay
Isa Miranda
Paola Montenero
Nicoletta Elmi
Renato Cestiè
Filippo Ottoni
Mario Bava
Stelvio Cipriani
Carlo Reali
Mario Bava
Sergio Canevari
Franco Barberi
Dardano Sacchetti